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Net is Vizyoneks' Insurance Software Systems Management solution for its elementary products for Insurance Companies.

This application runs on Oracle Cloud Platform with support for Oracle Cloud compatible technology products and operating systems.

4Net Overview

  • New Technology Edition with Oracle and Microsoft .net

  • Ready integration services and reports with local editors such as SBM, Dask, etc.

  • AutoAnalysis, Bank Receivable Payments-Virtual POS, SigortamNet, AcerPro etc. ready integration services

  • Integrated operational solution package from start to finish; Insurance Policy, Product Management, Approval Management, Reinsurance and UWY Process Management, Collection, Receivables and Accounting

  • Sales channel management and Bank insurance support

  • Ready Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Module - Optional

  • Online Direct Sales Module – Optional

  • 4Net Genel is used as a reference by 15 multinational insurance companies.

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