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Use our 20 years of expertise to create a solid software foundation for your business.


Vizyoneks started its activities with a different vision and structuring idea in order to provide more effective and efficient services to its customers with the new and safe technologies it uses, and has been producing solutions in the field of "Information Systems" since 1994 by combining information and communication technologies.
Vizyoneks is one of the solution companies with the strongest human resources and technological infrastructure operating in Software, Consultancy and Technology solutions in Turkey. Apart from its staff of more than 200, it develops technology-based integrated solutions with its professional consultants, high-capacity equipment park, financial strength, determination, service approach and quality-oriented work.​


Gökdelenlere Bakmak
Modern Çalışma Alanı

General Profile

We derive our strength from our team spirit, our employees and management staff who have been trained at home and abroad, have years of professional work experience and successful projects.
Vizyoneks follows a strategy that is known for the technology and application projects it develops, develops projects in leading companies in its sector, constantly updates its standards by using domestic and international resources with the solution partnerships and collaborations it develops, and directs its horizons to new investments.
Vizyoneks has adopted the principle of allocating at least 1/3 of the company's profit every year to R&D studies, thus keeping the solutions it offers to its customers up-to-date, introducing new features to the products, and thus always staying ahead of technological and sectoral developments.

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