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New Generation Organization in Health Insurance with Ekinoks Group, a 100% subsidiary of Vizyoneks!


Welcome to the world of health insurance of the future! We are very pleased to introduce you to Ekinoks Group, our new generation organization that will revolutionize the health insurance industry.

Ekinoks Group was founded by a visionary team with years of experience in the sector. Our team is known for its commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions in the field of health insurance. We constantly work to best meet the needs of our customers and make a difference in the industry.

Our products: EqnxRule, EqnxClaim and Eqnxgate

Within our organization, we offer three main products that will transform health insurance:

  1. EqnxRule : EqnxRule is a powerful rules engine that automates and accelerates health insurance processes. This product increases operational efficiency by enabling error-free and fast decisions in the management and approval processes of insurance policies.

  2. EqnxClaim : EqnxClaim is a comprehensive product that works integrated with contracted institutions and the provision system. This system, which facilitates the processing, approval and management of insurance claims, seamlessly manages the processes between insured people and healthcare providers.

  3. Eqnxgate : Eqnxgate is a middleware consisting of modules that communicate with the outside world. This product enables effective communication and data exchange with various healthcare providers, policyholders and other third parties. Eqnxgate ensures integrated operation of all systems and secure management of data flow.

As Ekinoks Group, we aim to maximize customer satisfaction by offering innovative solutions in the health insurance industry. With these three products we offer to our customers, we make health insurance processes faster, more efficient and safer.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Start experiencing the health insurance of the future with Ekinoks Group today!

Visit our website for detailed information.

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